nearby American Diner — located strategically

Ms. Rodbell did not divulge the size of Hudson’s Bay’s cocktail dresses on sale gift registry business, but said it is growing in the double digits and had 50,000 registrants last year. Historically the largest registry business in the country, HBC’s competitors tend to be much smaller or niche players, such as Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn, Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Lee Valley Tools and Ashley’s. Home Depot and Canadian Tire pulled out of their registry businesses years ago after they failed to gain traction. Kleinfeld is part of an ongoing bid by chief executive Richard Baker to transform less productive square footage by adding top brands as franchises to Hudson’s Bay stores, exemplified first by the company’s success in incorporating nine boutiques from U.

K. chain Topshop into Bay stores across the country.WASHINGTON – Count Albi shuffles into the courtroom in sneakers, spectacles, prison blues and a milk-chocolate crew-neck sweater, with a thin chain running between his legs like a cinched-up rodeo bronc. The Count appears rather undernourished for a nobleman, but then again you don’t find many other titled heads locked up in a psychiatric hospital, conversing daily with the Archangel Gabriel and alternating a hunger strike with a demand for sandwiches, while awaiting a ruling on whether he is sane enough to go on trial for murder.

At an October hearing, the children’s mother sought a court order barring her former husband from administering homeopathic treatments, arguing he was pointlessly “looking for a ‘cure’ for autism rather than trying to find a method of managing autism.”But in sexy cocktail dresses recent years the U.S. has steered clear of feather headdresses and buckskin in favour of elaborate depictions of the American flag.

While last year’s Australian Miss Universe contestant did incorporate Aboriginal designs on to a dress mimicking the Australian sunset, she did soonly after receiving permission from the Melbourne-area Wurundgeri tribe.The new cap proposed is named the ’Dan Daly’ after Sgt. Maj. Dan Daly who served during the First World War and famously yelled to his troops “Come on, you sons of b––, do you want to live forever!”.Later, we ate at the nearby American Diner — located strategically to exploit the culinary nostalgia of homesick North Americans. There, an old, moustachioed security guard dressed in a corporal’s uniform smoked and read newspapers in the corner. Once a week, on family days, he was required to dress as a clown.I like Gymkhana so much, I once ate at this Mayfair restaurant four times in a week, including twice on the same day. The set lunch is my favourite in London. Indian food isn’t for everyone, but few could fail to appreciate Gymkhana’s fine ingredients, precise cooking, and faultless spicing. My favourite meal is to get together with friends and order all five starter and main options on the lunch menu. Gymkhana can get very busy. It pays to book early. Lunch is 25 pounds for two courses, 30 pounds for three. 42 Albemarle Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 4JH; remarks at the hearing little black dresses also raised eyebrows. After a prosecutor mentioned the killings of two American journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff, Hughes responded, “The Americans went into territory (the Islamic State) controlled. No. An American who voluntarily subjects himself to the authority of beheading theological fanatical murderers, that is not against America any more than somebody who robs you in Paris.”Inside, dozens of NDP MPs waited with Layton’s closest confidantes and friends. In a plain black dress, her face sombre, Layton’s widow, fellow NDP MP Olivia Chow, and the rest of the family paused at the entrance before following.By executive standards, his office is small. Windows take up one wall, affording a southerly view of the Gardiner Expressway and the lake beyond. Family photos adorn a shelf on the opposite wall. Shapiro and his wife, Lissa Bockrath, have a son, 13, and a daughter, 11. Bockrath is an artist whose oil-on-canvas nature-scapes sell worldwide. She also has a Toronto connection: In the early 1990s, her work was shown at a gallery owned by Doris Gillick, wife of Blue Jays’ GM Pat Gillick, at King and Spadina.

Williams said one key piece — and a grunge staple — is the plaid shirt, but featured in softer tones and a more draped fit. It can be worn on its own, layered with other shirts, or tied around the waist. It also teams well with a skirt or trousers.

Bockrath is an artist whose oil-on-canvas nature-scapes sell worldwide