serviceable. And, I suppose, it was timeless.

SAUTEED RAPINI WITH TOASTED GARLICRapini is also called broccoli rabe.

latest homecoming dresses With its bitter flavour profile, it needs a sidekick to balance it. Here, garlic assumes that role. Graham Elliot, who includes this recipe in his new book “Cooking Like a Master Chef,” added some raisins for a little sweetness.If the garlic burns, start over, he cautions. There is no way to get rid of the horrible flavour and acrid smell, and the extra labour is well worth it.Preparation: About 10 minutesCooking Time: 12 to 18 minutesShe was coy, however, about her own political ambitions, which are thought to include a 2016 presidential bid. For example, asked what a male spouse of a female president would be called, she said she has heard suggestions from First Man to First Mate.One, McClintic, confessed, and for all her deep flaws, had at least a brief relapse of humanity — helping the police look for the little girl until, at last, in large part because of the map she’d drawn, they found her.

Cendres de lune was inspired by Beethoven’s Symphony 7. Its rhythm reminded me of horseshoes hitting the ground and the atmosphere that exults of the music projected me into a world of ashes and darkness, myths and legends. It was a perfect setting for a drama. The story of ancient, nomadic people is one I wanted to tell.

At the arcade, children practiced their crossbow skills against mythical creatures and tossed hard balls at soft-boiled eggs. The kid with the most cracks won a prize – egg-and-yolk-shape candy and polished stones (not edible). Several stages hosted performances by jugglers, stilt walkers, troubadours inexpensive homecoming dress and fiery dancers.An opponent of the Northern Gateway oil sands pipeline, the result of its bitter experiences with previous industries that polluted the area, the 1,500 member community was an early mover in the LNG opportunity and is now a dominant player through equity ownership, business development and land ownership.

Matt Stajan’s goal at 15:43 of the third period stood up as the winner. Jiri Hudler and Michael Ferland added empty-net goals to ensure there wouldn’t be a Game 7 in Vancouver on Monday.As for Bee’s wardrobe? I guess it depends what standard one is judging this by. It was appropriate. It was serviceable. And, I suppose, it was timeless. She wore a string of pearls when the occasion warranted it, but clothes were far from her greatest expression of self.Another popular pet costume consists of a figure that appears to be riding the dog, like a storm-trooper riding a dewback, a reptile from “Star Wars.”The fact that these conversations are happening at all is seen by many gender identity activists as a major win — a sign that society’s long-time, and still current, adherence to what academics call a “gender binary” of either male or female, may be shape-shifting just a little, seeing the gender map more like a spectrum and less like a stark fork in the road. The fact that these conversations are happening is, at once, seen by others as concerning — an invitation to confusion for children still learning who they are, and a path away from the morals and structures upon which our society pretty quinceanera is built.It said the offending image — a still photograph of the model that appeared in an online video posted on the website of The Times of London in December — should not appear again in its current form.Clothing is generally not a tax-deductible expense. Nevertheless, every once in a while a taxpayer is adamant that the cost of his or her clothing should qualify for a tax writeoff and takes the matter all the way to court.For Duceppe, the debate was a matter of political survival as he fights to raise the once-dominant Bloc into territory where it can hope to win seats.Once you’re settled into a position, it can be easy to let your appearance fall by the wayside. However, failing to look put-together undermines your credibility and authority?and may make you seem like you don’t care. Remember the age-old saying: Dress for the job you want.1. STYLE: Attention amateur vintage shoppers! The carefully selected vintage knick-knacks, womenswear and menswear of the bi-annual Absolutely Vintage clothing sale is sure to have something for your sartorial taste. Held in Leslieville’s Maple Cottage, vintage shops Gadabout, Angela McCool and Eclectisaurus are combining their ephemeral inventory of 1890s to 1970s garb collected from Ontario for a day of vintage shopping. With a selection of costume jewellery, accessories and textiles, you may go in looking drab and come out looking like you’ve stepped out of a trendy time machine.? April 14, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 62 Laing St., Free;

Several stages hosted performances by jugglers, stilt walkers, troubadours and fiery dancers